Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery is a former Senior Director at the New York City Office of Management and Budget. He came to New York City service as a management consultant over thirty years ago. His initial experience in computer systems design and business process re-engineering led to assignments in project management in areas of increasing responsibility. He consistently developed and implemented innovative ideas that lead to improvements in consultant management, capital project management, and budget control systems. 

He played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of New York City’s Financial Management System, where Mr. Montgomery was a Project Director. As OMB’s delegate to the Technology Steering Committee, he helped navigate the waters of technological change in an atmosphere of complex policy, financial, and legislative issues and set a course for the future. 

Managing the Miscellaneous Revenue, Capital Financial Planning, and Management Systems Group, Mr. Montgomery supervised seven operational divisions of the Office of Management and Budget. He orchestrated the critical analysis of over $4 billion in general government revenue, $12 billion in capital spending, and all major technology investments, culminating in the successful development of the Operating, Revenue, and Capital Budgets of New York City. 

Mr. Montgomery successfully negotiated the transfer of responsibility for the obligations of the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation from the City to New York State. He also played a key role in the negotiation of major consulting contracts, concessions, franchise agreements, and key asset sales, generating significant revenue for New York City. 

He led his team in the development of legislative and operational proposals for: 

  • Agency creations, consolidations, and mergers including the merger of administrative tribunals, the transfer of the Parking Violations Bureau to the Department of Finance, and the transfer of Traffic Agents to the NYPD. 
  • Streamlining and creating uniform licensing and payment processing for the Departments of Finance, Consumer Affairs, Health, and Environmental Protection. 
  • Revenue generating initiatives including Red Light Camera fines, VOIP Surcharge fees, Bus Lane Camera fines, and Plastic Bag fees. 

In 2010, Mr. Montgomery was honored with the IT Futurist Award by New York City and Government Technology Magazine, for his contribution as one of the most prominent and enduring champions of information technology in New York City government.

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